Grow your business with video communications

Meet with colleagues, partners and customers anywhere in the world in seconds.

eCommerce for Services Delivered

Reach your customers in a whole new way. Sell and provide professional services online through video.

Have your Virtual Meeting Rooms in the cloud

Invite anyone, join from any device. Connect SIP/H323 Video Systems, Computers, Smartphones, Skype users and Audio conference in video meetings of superior quality.

eCommerce for Service Companies

Position your company at the future of business. Provide professional services and have rich face-to-face video interactions with your customers directly from the browser. Extend your reach in the online world with a personalized Service Store or Video Interaction Desk.

Sell and Deliver Services Online

Break geographical barriers and reach more customers online. Our personalized Service Stores handle the entire sales process including online payments, session scheduling and servide delivery through high-quality, enterprise-grade video meetings.

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Engage your Customers in Video

Strengthen the relationship with your customers. Offer real-time face-to-face support and counseling to customers and help them access information about your products and services without the need to go to your premises.

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Marketplaces for Services

Launch your professional services marketplace in record time. Focus on building your community of professionals and customers and let our eCommerce platform take care of the rest.

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Enterprise Video Collaboration

Implement an effective video collaboration culture in your organization. Make video meetings easy to use and trully universal across different devices, technologies and networks. Use our all-in-one video cloud to dramatically reduce costs and increase business speed and productivity.

Borderless Video Meetings

Have multipoint video meetings with anyone in the world. Connect Video Conferencing Systems, Desktops, Mobile, Phones and Skype for Business clients all together in the same Virtual Meeting Room (VMR).

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External Video Connectivity

Connect your Video Conferencing Systems to the cloud and have secure video calls with video systems outside your corporate network. Supports Cisco®, Polycom®, Huawei®, Avaya® and other SIP / H323 video systems.

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Skype for Business Integration

Have video calls between Skype for Business users and your video conferencing systems and close the gap between these two universes.

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Video Streaming and Webinars

Broadcast your video sessions to hundreds or thousands of viewers in real-time, from any device. Ideal for corporate announcements, training workshops, sales presentations and much more.

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Video Recording

Record your video meetings and make them available for playback from the cloud. Easily distribute video content to your audiences through personalized and secure video channels.

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The VEEDEEO Advantage

Nothing to install
VEEDEEO is a 100% cloud platform without any hardware or software to install
No cost per user
Attractive resource-based licensing: share your VMRs and Live Broadcast Channels with all users in your organization and have VEEDEEO accessible to all
Strengthen your corporate identity by having your logo in your virtual meeting rooms, video meeting invitations and live broadcasts
Any device
Our platform is based in video communication standards such as WebRTC, SIP and H323, enabling you to have video meetings from video conferencing systems, desktop computers and smartphones all together in the same virtual meeting room
All-in-one video platform
All you need for video collaboration in one unified enterprise solution: Video Meetings, Live Video Streaming, Video Recording, Video System Connectivity and Skype for Business integration
Robust cloud infrastructure with worldwide coverage
Built on top of the most advanced infrastructure of our days - the Google Cloud Platform, VEEDEEO gives you the security, scalability and reliability you need for maximum performance
Customer success
format_quotePractical, user friendly and versatile.
The fact that VEEDEEO can communicate with multiple video protocols is useful because we have video meetings with different types of video conferencing systems
Susana Palminha
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Invite everyone to your Virtual Meeting Room today

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