Grow your business with Video Communications

Put back your SIP and H.323 video conferencing systems at the heart of collaboration and provide the best meeting experience to your users

Video meeting translation

Virtual Meeting Rooms with Automatic Translation

Break language constraints

Invite customer, partners and shareholders to join your video meetings speaking their native language and have them translated automatically, in real-time.

Automatic transcripts

Save time by having your meetings automatically transcribed into text, in over 120 languages.

Speech-to-text powered by the Google Cloud

Video conectivity, solved

Connect any SIP or H323 video system to the cloud and have high quality video meetings with anyone around the globe

Supported systems include:

Polycom video conferencing
Cisco video conferencing
Huawei video conferencing

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Virtual Meeting Room

Nothing to install

Leave no one out. Be sure everyone can connect to your meetings by using a simple browser - no setup required

Supported browsers:

Chrome browser Safari browser Firefox browser Opera browser Edge browser
WebRTC support

Just meet - don't worry

Meeting remotely can be quite stressfull right?.
VEEDEEO gives you the peace of mind you need when meeting remotely.

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Cloud SIP H323 Gatekeeper

Borderless Video Communications

Take your video systems behind the firewall and have unlimitted SIP and H323 video calls with any other system in the world.

Replace obsolete and expensive hardware by our open Cloud Gatekeepers and leave complexity behind.

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Videoconferencing connected to the world

Internet architecture make it difficult for video conferencing systems to connect. VEEDEEO Cloud Gatekeepers simplify video calls across firewalls and different networks.
As simple as making a phone call.

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Any device, anyone, anywere

Have SIP and H323 video systems, desktop computers, mobiles and phones seamlessly connected in truly unified video meetings.

Let your guests choose which device to use regardless of being internal or external to your organization.

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format_quotePractical, user friendly and versatile.

The fact that VEEDEEO can communicate with multiple video protocols is useful because we have video meetings with different types of video conferencing systems

Susana P.

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