Spot for Telcos and Hardware Manufacturers

TV's new best friend

Spot is the indispensable device for the modern household.

It brings high-quality video calls to any TV set as well as convenient home security features - such as remote monitoring and motion detection alarm.

Amaze your customers with an innovative home appliance that adds great comfort and value to their lives.

Video calls from the TV Video calls from the TV
Motion detection for home Motion detection for home

Innovate your offer

Competition in the telecommunications market is fierce.

And while customers move to alternative ways to communicate with their friends and family, you need innovative products to keep your revenue growing.

Spot is the right product for Telco companies to offer in consumer market because - in essence - it is a communications product and it leverages the use of Internet connectivity and your investments in the new 5G networks.


Fast deployment
VEEDEEO Spot relies on a cloud platform that requires no infrastructure or complex implementations. Our Spot cameras are available in stock and ready to ship, so you can to focus on building the market offering and drive sales.
Great user experience
The Spot App has been designed with simplicity in mind and is suited to be used by people of all ages - from 8 to 80.
Top-quality hardware
All Spot devices have been tested to deliver the best performance in terms of audio and video quality - ensuring an excellent video call experience.
The Spot App is available in 10 languages and it can be customized to support additional idioms if needed.
Developed on top of the latest WebRTC technology, the Spot App runs on the same standards used by modern web applications. It can also be integrated with other technologies such as SIP or PSTN communications.
Strengthen your brand identity by offering a co-branded product to your customers. Spot branding options include the Spot App and the Spot devices, as well as the product packaging.
Home monitoring from smartphone Home monitoring from smartphone

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