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Use Cases

Link SIP and H.323 Video Rooms and Solve Connectivity Issues

Your company invested in a high quality video conferencing equipment some years ago. At first, it was used a few times to communicate with other branch offices. The real problem came when some of your clients and partners started to acquire video conferencing systems and ask to meet in video conferences. Some had bought systems with a different protocol than the one your company have, which made impossible to host video meetings with those clients and partners. Gradually, your company reduced the number of video meetings until people began to think the system was obsolete and had been a waste of money.

Not anymore.

Unless your video conference is too old and needs to be replaced, it is still functional and can be extended to its full potential. VEEDEEO solves connection issues and allows your video room to link with any video system in the world, regardless of manufacturer or protocol language. Do not postpone meetings with those clients or partners who like to close deals as fast as possible, or waste time waiting for the most opportune time to close those deals. Your company can host face to face meetings with high quality and give a whole new usage to its in-house video equipment.

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Skip the trip and have video meetings with customers

Your customers are from many different countries in the world. Although your company have a great customer service policy, sometimes customers require the attention email and phone calls do not entirely satisfact. Your company have a good video room and your customers frequently ask you to join them in video meetings, but the systems are incompatible. Instead you have teams travelling to meet those customers in person, or vice versa, which means a great strain on both your company and your client’s budget as well as other constraints - such as time, for instance.

The ideal would be to monetize the video equipment your company has purchased by using it to host video meetings with your customers. And that is why there is VEEDEEO - to enable you to connect different video conferencing systems with no network issues, making it easier to host or join video meetings at any moment.

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Connect your video rooms with remote users

There are some remote workers in your team. Some of them work from home, others just have to travel a lot. To solve problems in real time, you usually talk through Skype for Business, phone calls or email, but is quite difficult to gather the entire team in only one meeting. Sometimes some of your co-workers are not well informed of the decisions and project directions, which makes them feel set aside and unmotivated. It is no big surprise to witness fluctuations in the work pace.

With VEEDEEO you can link Skype for Business, PC and smartphone users with video rooms in the same meeting and watch productivity increase. Gather your teams in video meetings from your company headquarters at any moment, wherever they are, and leave no one outside.

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Replace old hardware-based MCUs and have your video platform in the cloud

VEEDEEO is an extension of your video conferencing system, created to elevate it to its full potential. Being a cloud MCU, it is the perfect alternative for all companies which do not have an MCU yet. Hardware MCUs are very expensive - providers are not transparent with prices, but an average hardware-based MCU can cost $50 000 and a very good one, about $150 000.

Maintenance and handling also count at the end of the month, and require training and expertise. On top of that, hardware-based MCU have a limited capacity. Your company may have purchased a MCU that enables video meetings with 6 endpoints, but now be in need of hosting meetings with 10 video endpoints simultaneously. In order to solve this situation, you can purchase another MCU - with all the costs involved - or, even better, to acquire a cloud MCU like VEEDEEO.

Being a cloud MCU, VEEDEEO is a digital structure. Digital offers the advantage of cutting infrastructure costs and, at the same time, is accessible to everyone, as it is easy to be managed by any average user. It is also scalable - the system upgrades and downgrades as video points join or leave the meeting. So if your company wants to host video meetings with 10 endpoints, there is no need to invest in another hardware-based MCU.

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Host multipoint video meetings with up to 25 simultaneous video connections

Your company wants to host video meetings with more than 10 points simultaneously. It does not have a MCU and is planning to acquire one. During prospection, your company analysed some interesting proposals, but for only a few points, your service and equipment provider had to offer a solution too expensive.

It is possible to host multipoint video meetings with up to 18 simultaneous connected video endpoints without acquiring a hardware-based MCU. Being a Cloud MCU, VEEDEEO is a digital structure, easily accessible at any time through a browser, with no need to install or maintain hardware or software.

The structure is also scalable, a good way to optimize its costs, which means your company does not need to invest in more hardware or software to start hosting video meetings with 16 points, instead of the initially predicted 10. The system is elastic, upgrading and downgrading as video points join, or leave, the meeting.

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Increase productivity and reduce travel costs with a video collaboration culture

If you work on a large company, you certainly know the hassle of attending meetings with different departments, especially if they are located in branches in different cities. Your collaborators have to travel to meet in person to discuss several situations, some of them quite simple to solve.

At the end of the day, the time spent travelling, stress and tiredness of your collaborators have an impact on productivity. Is it really necessary to meet in person? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to pick up the phone - or, even better - to make a video call and meet face to face without even leaving your PC or video room?

VEEDEEO is a simple to use video conferencing platform that allows all users to start and join meetings with any video system with only a few clicks - as easy as making a phone call. Accelerate the decision process with video meetings and see productivity increase. Make video collaboration a work standard for your collaborators.

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Extend business reach and increase business speed

Global market means partners and customers from all four corners of the planet. But each have their own way of negotiating, closing deals and ask for support. Studies say in some countries most business are conducted through video conferencing. It is not surprising. Video systems are excellent tools and perfect substitutes for in person meetings. Video conferences save money and time and hasten negotiations, because they are, in fact, face to face meetings in which all parties are comfortably sitting in their video rooms and offices.

If your company already have a video conferencing system, now is the time to extend it to its full potential. VEEDEEO breaks the limits to its operation and gives your equipment a whole new life. Do business with future-proof tools and show your partners and clients how VEEDEEO technology can put you all one step ahead.

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Integrate Skype for Business with your Video Rooms

Most of your collaborators use Skype for Business to communicate with each other without leaving their desks. It is a fast and easy way to share knowledge, get quick answers and work smarter.

Why not connecting these collaborators with your company’s existing video systems to boost internal communications?

By linking Skype for Business users and your company’s in-house video conferencing system, it is even easier to make announcements, host training sessions or share results with teams - and is as if everyone was face to face. It is also a good way to leverage your company’s equipment and increase productivity without interfering with the collaborator’s agendas.

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