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Connect your POLYCOM TRIO Visual+ video systems to the cloud and have borderless video meetings with external parties

Polycom TRIO Visual+

Polycom® TRIO Visual+


VEEDEEO enables you to easily connect your POLYCOM® video conferencing systems to the cloud and unleash the full potential of your video rooms to have simple point-to-point video calls or multipoint video meetings with anyone in the world.

The VEEDEEO cloud was designed to bring together different systems and technologies in a simple and flexible way - including interoperability with different vendors and WebRTC browsers.


This page describes the recommended settings and different configuration scenarios for connecting your POLYCOM® TRIO 8800 Series video conferencing systems to the VEEDEEO Cloud. Models:

  • POLYCOM® RealPresence TRIO 8800 Visual+

By connecting your video systems to VEEDEEO you don't need to use any other intermediate equipments (gateways or gatekeepers): your systems connect directly to our cloud infrastructure and virtual meeting rooms, reducing complexity and infrastructure costs.

SIP Registration

for Polycom® TRIO 8800 Series

Step 1: Get your Video Endpoint Number and Registration PIN

To register your video system in the Global Video Directory, you first need to create a Video Endpoint record in VEEDEEO following these steps:

  • Login to VEEDEEO. If you don't have a VEEDEEO Account yet, create one free at;
  • At the "Manage Video Endpoints" page, use the orange button to create a "New Video Endpoint":
    • Endpoint Name - your meeting room name (i.e. "Paris Room");
    • Alias - leave it blank;
    • Calendar Resource Email (optional) - here you can identify the email address of the calendar resource associated to your meeting room. This is usefull if you are planning to use VEEDEEO Cloud Video Rooms;
    • Visible in Global Video Directory - flag this if you want your video room to be searchable in the Global Video Directory;
  • After saving, please take note of the Video Number and Registration PIN assigned to the Video Endpoint you have just created.

Step 2: Register your Video System in the Global Video Directory

Access your Polycom® Trio configuration setup page from a web browser. Please consider the following settings under:
> Simple Setup

# Setting Menu Path Notes View
1 Set Display Name > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Display Name Set the name of the device (room) that will show when doing a video call -
1 Set SIP authentication > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Adress: (or > Authentication User ID = Video Number / Authentication Password = Registration PIN -
3 Set Label > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Label Input the same name as in Display Name (step #1) -
4 Save your settings and reboot > Simple Setup > Save -
5 Set transport protocol to TCP or TLS > Settings > SIP > Server 1 > Transport = TCP / TLS -
6 Save your settings and reboot > Settings > Save -

Polycom Trio 8800 config

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