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Registering your Video Systems in the Global Video Directory

1. Generate Video Numbers for your Endpoints

Login to the VEEDEEO online app.

From the app menu, navigate to the Video Endpoint Management area.

Create a new Video Endpoint using the "New" button.

After saving your new endpoint, please take note of the Video Number and the respective Registration PIN: these are the credentials you will need to register your video endpoint at the VEEDEEO Cloud Gatekeeper.

2. Register your Systems at the H323 Cloud Gatekeeper

At your video conferencing system, set the default call protocol to H323.

Register your video system at the Cloud Gatekeeper using the following credentials:

  • Gatekeeper location: or
  • Username / Endpoint ID: use the 9 digit Video Number provided when creating the Endpoint at the management console (i.e. 800000000).
  • Password: use the 6 digit PIN provided when creating the Endpoint at the management console.

Additional notes:

3. Start Making and Receiving Video Calls

From your video conferencing system you can now dial other registered video conferencing systems using their own video number.

The same way, your video conferencing system is now prepared to receive incoming video calls when an external video system dials your video number.

If you have questions or need help, please contact our Support Desk - we're always ready to help!