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Hotel conference rooms
are not big enough!

Business is growing. You have big challenges ahead: to get closer to your customers, partners and employees and keep them engaged with your company and your brands.

But booking weekly hotel rooms for your conferences and workshops is not helping.

Save your company time and money and host your next corporate event or training session in the cloud and stream live video sessions to hundreds of participants directly from your meeting room.

High Capacity

Reach dozens or thousands of viewers in real time with single or multipoint video sessions.

Session Recording

Record your live events in the cloud and make them available for later playback.

Broadcast From Video Conference Room

Choose the superior quality of your video conference system or the flexibility of your PC for your video broadcasts.

I can say that Veedeeo is the best live broadcast platform to use.
It is simple, you don't need to install anything and you get perfect support. Amazing!

CEO & Co-Founder, PHOGRA

How it Works

1. Connect your video meeting

Start you video session online from your browser or connect from your video conference system.

2. Start the broadcast session

Start the online streaming with one click from the meeting control panel. If needed, define a broadcast PIN.

3. Guests watch your live streaming online

Your guests can view your live video broadcast from their PCs or smartphones at


Whether you are a live streaming beginner, or an online event guru, VEEDEEO offers you simple pricing so you can start small and comfortably scale as your audience grows.

Live Video Broadcast

  • Integrated with Cloud Meeting Rooms
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited broadcast sessions
  • Available capacities: 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000+ viewers *
  • Broadcast from PC or Video Conference Room
  • Mobile device support
  • Screen and document sharing
  • Flexible layout selection
  • Recording *
  • Broadcast chat (public / private)
  • Custom Branding available
  • Premium Support

Live Video Broadcast

Cloud Broadcast Service
  • Up to 4 hours per broadcast session
  • 2 Dry runs included
  • High capacity: 100, 300, 500, 1000+ viewers*
  • Multipoint video
  • Broadcast from PC or Video Conference Room
  • Screen and document sharing
  • Event recording and download
  • Broadcast chat (public / private)
  • On-premise support available
  • Premium Cloud Support

Great Layout Options

Become a webinar pro!

Easily select the best video layout for your live event from a set of 7 meeting mosaic options, plus Active Speaker mode.

VEEDEEO seamlessly mixes all videos with the document sharing for a perfect viewer experience.

Watch an example:

We believe in clear and transparent pricing so you know exactly what you're going to pay. Scale your capacity at a low predictable cost.

Carlos Tavares
CEO & Founder, VEEDEEO
Carlos Tavares


One-click Broadcast

As simple as it gets: start your live broadcast with a click of a button directly from your video meeting interface.

Event Recording

Convenient cloud recording allows you to keep your video sessions available online and share them later.

Privacy Control

Control the access to your broadcast sessions by defining a security PIN at the moment you start the live stream.

Fully Integrated

Take advantage of all features of Cloud Video Rooms during your live broadcast - multipoint video sessions, video system connection and many others.

HTML5 & Mobile Ready

VEEDEEO uses the latest HTML5 technology for video playback, enabling access from any browser as well as mobile devices.

Integrated Chat

Talk to viewers using the integrated text chat. Set the chat privacy settings in real time and decide if participants see each other's messages or not.

Ready to test our Live Video Broadcast?


Thousands of companies build the biggest free video connectivity network in the planet


Manage your next event using the world's most popular event management tool - EVENTBRITE - and broadcast your video session live using VEEDEEO.

Using VEEDEEO with EVENTBRITE is extremely easy and requires no technical expertise: you simply need to inform your broadcast URL and PIN on the guest confirmation email.

Check Eventbrite Cheat Sheet for a complete step-by-step guide on how to manage your online events using VEEDEEO.


Join the Video Network

No need for video streaming in your company?

That's fine!

You can still use VEEDEEO for free for 1-to-1 video meetings between video conferencing systems.

Register your company on our Video Bridging service and connect your video conferencing rooms to the fastest growing H.323 public video network in the world!

Register for free at: