Video Communications

Connect your SIP or H323 video conferencing systems to the cloud and have seamless video calls with anyone in the world. UNIFIED

Video meets the cloud

VEEDEEO is a cloud video communications platform built to make video calls easy and universal, across different devices, technologies and networks. Leverage all benefits of unified video communications in your organization by using the VEEDEEO cloud for:

External Video Calls

Have video calls with video conferencing systems outside your corporate network. Supports Cisco®, Polycom®, Huawei® and other SIP / H323 video systems.

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Multipoint Video Meetings

Have hybrid, multipoint video meetings connecting video conferencing systems, browsers, smartphones, Skype for Business clients and regular phones.

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Skype for Business Integration

Connect Skype for Business users directly with your video conferencing systems and close the gap between these two universes.

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Video Streaming

Broadcast video sessions to hundreds or thousands of viewers in real-time.
Make corporate announcements, training and presentations from your video conferencing rooms.

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Video Recording

Record your video sessions and make them available for playback from the Internet. Easily distribute video content to your stakeholders through personalized and secure video channels.

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The VEEDEEO Advantage

Easy setup - nothing to install
VEEDEEO is a 100% cloud platform without any hardware to maintain or complex configurations
Resource-based licensing (no cost per user)
Pay only for what you need - make VEEDEEO accessible to all employees in your organization at a fraction of the cost of other technologies
Vendor and technology independent
Based on video standard protocols, such as SIP, H323 and WebRTC, it supports all major video conferencing systems such as Cisco®, Polycom®, Huawei® and many others
All-in-one integrated cloud platform
Video meetings, Skype for Business integration, SIP and H323 gateway for external video communications and live video streaming get together in one single solution
Robust infrastructure with worldwide coverage
Built on top of the most advanced cloud infrastructure, the Google Cloud, it gives you all the security, scalability and robustness needed for maximum performance

VEEDEEO Products

The modern way of meeting

Save time and money by meeting remotely with colleagues, partners and customers all over the world through high quality video meetings. Increase your quality of living and your productivity by replacing traditional in-person meetings by flexible face-to-face video meetings in the cloud. VEEDEEO powers a new generation of modern video cloud technologies that make video collaboration easy, universal and accessible to all business areas.

For You

Do more, faster and with less stress by meeting with anyone in the world from the comfort of your laptop or your video conferencing system.

No more 2 hours trip for a 40 min meetings. Avoid traffic jams and lost time traveling around and meet face-to-face from your personal cloud video room.

For Your Company

Dramatically reduce costs and improve the productivity of your teams by promoting a video collaboration culture at your company.

Video adoption has a direct impact on your bottom line and enables you to stay ahead of competition by facilitating fast and agile decision making and information spread.

For The Environment

Save the planet, one meeting at a time!

By preferring to have video meetings over on-premise, you are saving tons of CO2 emissions per year and contributing for a healthier planet and a more balanced way of working.


Provide the best video communication platform to your customers

Grow your revenue stream and complete your product portfolio selling modern cloud video communications. Our partner program is suited for Telcos, VARs and System Integrators looking to expand their offering to the unified video communications space with a solid product, low investment and attractive commercial conditions.