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Thank you for using VEEDEEO for Salesforce integration

VEEDEEO for Salesforce enables you to easily create and join video meetings right from your Salesforce Events object, streamlining the usage of your VEEDEEO platform from within your favorite CRM application. This page describe how your users can use the VEEDEEO for Salesforce integration in their day-to-day activities.

Before we start

To use VEEDEEO for Salesforce integration, please make sure your Salesforce Admin has completed the post-installation activities as described in this page.
If you need help configuring the VEEDEEO for Salesforce app, please contact our support team.

[1] Create a video meeting

To create a video meeting from within Salesforce, you just need to flag the "Create VEEDEEO meeting" field when creating an Event in Salesforce.

in Salesforce Classic in Salesforce Lightning Experience

After saving your Event, in a few seconds your Salesforce will create the video meeting at VEEDEEO and send all participants (including yourself) a calendar invitation with the instructions to join the video meeting at the scheduled date/hour.

The video meeting calendar invitation* will include instructions to join the video meeting via:
arrow_forward Browser (Google Chrome -recomended, Firefox, Opera or Safari);
arrow_forward Video conferencing system (SIP/H323) - from Cisco®, Polycom®, Huawei® or other vendors;
arrow_forward Smartphone (using the free VEEDEEO app - available for download at the Apple and Google Play stores);
arrow_forward Skype for Business®;
arrow_forward Regular phone (audio-only)

When you access the Event detail page, you will see a link in the "VEEDEEO meeting" field with:
arrow_forward "View" - if the video meeting has not started yet and it is not within the entry timeframe (30 minutes before scheduled date/time). You can use this link to access the video meeting detail page in VEEDEEO.
arrow_forward "Join now!" - when the video meeting is within the entry timeframe. You can use this link to join the video meeting using your browser, at the meeting scheduled date/time.

*Note: the video meeting calendar invitation is sent directly to the email of the participants (to the calendar associated to each participant email) - the video meeting instructions are not reflected in your internal Salesforce calendar.

[2] Change a video meeting

When you change an Event for witch you have created a video meeting, the corresponsing video meeting will also be changed in VEEDEEO.

The system considers the following changes to update the VEEDEEO meeting:
arrow_forward Event Date/time (start or finish or meeting duration);
arrow_forward Event Subject (meeting name);
arrow_forward Event Participants (meeting guests);

When the video meeting is changed, VEEDEEO will automatically send all participants a calendar invitation update to reflect these changes.

[3] Join a video meeting

When it's time for your meeting (at the scheduled date/time), you can join your video meeting using the several options described in the calendar invitation sent by VEEDEEO.

To join the video meeting from your browser, you can also follow the "Join now!" link at the Event detail page, from within Salesforce:

in Salesforce Classic in Salesforce Lightning Experience

When you use the "Join now!" link, your browser will open a new window, from where you can enter your video meeting.

To connect to the video meeting, simply press the blue "Continue" button and wait a few secconds for the connection to estabilsh.

VEEDEEO meeting entry

[4] Cancel a video meeting

If you would like to cancel a video meeting for some reason, you can do it by:

arrow_forward Delete the Event in Salesforce; or
arrow_forward Remove the "Create VEEDEEO meeting" flag from the Salesforce Event;

Note: the video meeting will only be deleted in VEEDEEO if it has not started yet.

Need help?

If you need help using the VEEDEEO for Salesforce App our have suggestions for improvement, please contact our support team.

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