Polycom Trio 8800

Configuration Guide for Registration at the VEEDEEO Cloud Gatekeeper

Connect your Polycom® Trio Visual+ video systems to the Cloud Video Gateway and have borderless video meetings with external parties.

VEEDEEO enables you to easily connect your POLYCOM® video conferencing systems to the cloud and unleash the full potential of your video rooms to have simple point-to-point video calls or multipoint video meetings with anyone in the world.

By registering your video systems in the VEEDEEO cloud you don't need any other intermediate hardware or infrastructure to have internal and external video calls, reducing complexity and infrastructure costs.

This guide covers Polycom® Trio video conferencing systems, model 8800 Visual+.

SIP Registration

Please consider the following settings under Simple Setup

Step # Setting Menu Path Notes
1 Set Display Name > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Display Name Set the name of the device (room) that will show when doing a video call
1 Set SIP authentication > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Adress: veedeeo.net (or > Authentication User ID = Video Number / Authentication Password = Registration PIN View instructions on how to get your video number and registration PIN
3 Set Label > Simple Setup > SIP Line Identification > Label Input the same name as in Display Name (step #1)
4 Save your settings and reboot > Simple Setup > Save
5 Set transport protocol to TCP or TLS > Settings > SIP > Server 1 > Transport = TCP / TLS
6 Save your settings and reboot > Settings > Save

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