Video Interaction Desk

Upgrade text chat to face-to-face video conversations

Virtual Counters for Live Video Support

Take care of your customers with real time support delivered on HD video calls directly on theirs browsers.

Provide a superior customer experience by having a virtual desk available for real time video interactions with your account managers and customer support agents. Add a new convenient communication channel complementary to your physical offices and innovate the way you engage with your customers.


Fast setup, nothing to install
Online counters branded with your identity
Real-time and scheduled video sessions
Integrated offline messaging
High-quality browser-based video calls

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How it works

1. Customer goes to your Online Office


Open your online counter and personalize it with your company logo, header images, headline texts and service categories. Create the profiles of your team members and complete their details and expertise.

2. Browse available categories and profiles


Customers can search and filter profiles according to their area of expertise and keywords and view who is online and available for real-time support.

3. Start a text chat and upgrade to video with one click


Customer selects the right profile and starts a text chat in real-time with your support agent or account manager.

From the text chat, both customer or agent can easily start a face-to-face video session directly from their browser, without the need to install any software or plugin.

Suited for all kinds of customer support

Banking and Insurance

Provide online support and financial advisory to your customers through interactive video meetings.

Online Medical Advice

Offer remote medical screening or advice for your patients comfort and faster referral.

Online Education

Provide personalized training and student support through interactive 1-to-1 online sessions.

And many others...

VEEDEEO's Video Interaction Desk can be used in any other area that requires a engaging video interaction tool with its customers.


Personalized with your brand
Customize your online desk with corporate images, logo and headlines to keep your customers engaged with your brand identity
Detailed Professional Profiles
Each of your agents will have a specific profile card where customers can start a conversation and request a video support session in real-time
Service Categories and Profile Search
Organize your experts by service categories to simplify professionals search
Real-time and Scheduled Sessions
Let customers start a session in the moment or book a video meeting for a later date
Integrated Customer Messaging
Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers by letting them send a message even if the agent is not online. Includes automatic SMS notifications
Enterprise-grade virtual meeting rooms
Take advantage of the best virtual meeting rooms, with integrated screen and file sharing, chat, video recording, multipoint capabilities and much more
Meet by PC, Smartphone, VC System and more
Offer your customers and teams the freedom to connect to the virtual meeting room from the device they prefer - including phone-only conferencing and Skype for Business

View how your online interaction desk can look like:

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Ready to open a new and innovative communication channel with your customers?

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